Dental Clinic in Malaga, Granada, Almeria, Jaén and Cádiz


Thanks to the contribution of our patients through their reviews, we have managed to gather the number of ‚ā¨4000 ????

to help improve the quality of life of childrenūüßíūüŹĹūü϶ūüŹľ with cancer and other chronic diseases.

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The best team of professionals

Top-level dentists with extensive professional experience in continuous training, who continue to work with the illusion of the first day.

Last generation technology

Complete avant-garde technical equipment to offer precision and excellence in all the phases that make up each treatment.

Highest quality materials

The best results are only achieved with high-end materials. We also have the collaboration of an exclusive 3D laboratory.

Close and humane treatment for you and yours

We firmly believe that empathy and patient orientation are the foundations of an excellent dental service.

Great service, at the best price

A healthy and beautiful smile is something that should be available to everyone. We work every day to make this wish come true.

Tailor-made financing options

We adapt to each need, you can choose your preferred method to finance each treatment.

Your trusted clinics

Dental Clinic in Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz

Every time you open the door to one of the 17 dental clinics that make up Grupo Dental Clinics you are doing it with all the guarantees.

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With the guarantee of knowing that the best dentists in Andalusia. A team of top-level dentists and maxillofacial surgeons, led by Dr. Hanane Maalaoui and Dr. Ariel Bilbao G√≥ngora. 

With the guarantee of access to facilities designed for your comfort and to offer you a top quality dental service. With high-end materials and cutting-edge technology.

Every time you visit Dental Clinics Group you do it with the guarantee of knowing what you are putting your oral health in the best hands.

Welcome to the dental clinic that takes care of your smile like nobody else.

Our professionals

They have made it possible ...

Who We Are Ariel

Ariel bilbao

Medical Director of Grupo Dental Clinics
Who We Are Hanane

Hanane Maalaoui

Medical Director of Grupo Dental Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not entertain doubts!

We know that fear of the dentist is one of the main reasons that leads many patients not to make the recommended visit schedule, with serious risks to their oral health.

Making a healthy and beautiful smile a reality within everyone's reach is one of our main goals, which is why we have designed a personalized care method adapted to the needs of each patient. The results have come quickly: more and more people lose their fear of going to a consultation when they verify that we work with a zero pain philosophy. Minimizing the discomfort in each treatment as much as possible.

En Dental Clinics Group we feel more comfortable applying the treatments that require precision, professional expertise and cutting-edge technology, the three keys that we strive to implement every day.

For this reason, our star treatment is the dental implants, what can we do in the same day with great results.

In the field of dental aesthetics, the whitening it is one of the most demanded treatments. With the precision of the LED technology that we use, we are able not only to eliminate enamel stains but also to obtain the shade desired by the patient.

Certainly yes. Our work philosophy is clear in this regard. We offer excellent dentistry at affordable prices.

The reason is our firm belief that a healthy and beautiful smile should be something within the reach of all pockets. To make it happen, we offer continuous financing facilities and promotions in all our dental treatments for the whole family.

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