Man is curious by nature. We all like to learn new or rare facts on any topic. Precisely in the world of dentistry there are many curiosities and here we show you. We hope you like it! ?


  1. 4% of the world's population has teeth in areas of their body other than their mouths. A 17-year-old Indian boy suffered from severe pain in his jaw and was found to be caused by 200 extra teeth.
  2. The Mayan civilization was already concerned with dental aesthetics and used a primitive drill for drilling teeth and include a gemstone more than 2500 years ago.
  3. In a German legend from the Middle Ages it was said that kissing a donkey relieved tooth pain.
  4. The history of the Ratoncito Pérez dates back to 1894, when the King of Spain wanted celebrate that his son Alfonso XIII had lost his first milk tooth. The monarch asked the priest Luis Coloma to invent a story ... that has survived to this day.
  5. There are dental tattoos that are placed on a crown or dental cover. They are created with graphene to repel bacteria that can cause cavities.
  6. In Thailand, wearing dental braces is synonymous with wealth and status. That is why many young people wear fake cosmetic appliances (colored or with characters). We do not advise it, as they cause infections.
  7. In ancient Greece and Rome, thanks to the Roman physician Escribonius Largus, the "toothpastes" contained urine, since they considered that it had bleaching elements thanks to ammonia.
  8. In Norway, there are tooth banks (similar to blood or sperm). Children can donate their baby teeth and help science.
  9. Buddhists preserve as a divine object a buddha tooth, exhibited in the city of Kandy Sri Lanka, in a place known as Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Tooth.
  10. The first toothbrush-like object was invented in China. The handle was done made of bamboo and had ropes of wild boar to clean teeth.
  11. The first known anesthetic used in dentistry was Dr. Carl Soller's cocaine, however it was soon investigated whether this anesthetic could create addiction.
  12. The first dental chair was the brainchild of Josiah Flagg, the father of American dentistry.
  13. Legend has it that George Washington, one of America's founding fathers, had a set of dentures. What he did have was a collection of dentures made from different materials such as gold, silver, lead, and ivory.
  14. In ancient times it was thought that dental pain was caused by worms, which were attacked with a mixture of wax and seeds and some magic words.
  15. The oldest thesis appealed ensures that the first dentist in history known (through a wooden inscription) was Hessie-Re, chief physician of the court of the pharaohs.

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