Certainly the world has changed since the moment the coronavirus appeared, but now that several countries have already become more flexible with this pandemic, the point to be discussed is: What will commercial establishments and hospitals be like during the time of the coronavirus?. This question is asked by many people, but especially, dental clinics, which have direct treatment with the mouth, which is one of the main means of infection.

The idea of ​​this article is to be able to help each of the dental doctors to be able to work and care for their patients but with an adequate protocol that can protect them and protect each of their patients.

Cabinet disinfection at Grupo Dental Clinics


What should you do as a dentist in times of coronavirus


child consults

It should be noted that the first step where prevention should be done is the waiting room, since that is where we always place each patient to wait for their turn to be seen, since between treatment and treatment, sometimes they must spend hours waiting for their turn. Since this place may pose a threat, the best thing to do is eliminate the waiting room for now or make it less crowded.

For this you can create a dating method much more specific, by the hour, so that each patient waits as little as possible and can arrive at the agreed time so that you can attend them. If you have your practice in a building, to eliminate the waiting room, you must completely remove any bench, seat or place that serves to wait, although unfortunately this causes discomfort in the patient.

On the other hand, when entering the cabinet, they must meet the disinfection protocol. This requires cleaning hands with antibacterial or better yet washing hands with hydroalcoholic gel. The patient must have a mask, and if which is disposable, they must throw it in the bin and clean their face.

Unless the patient is in a fairly poor condition, the ideal is to go alone to the appointment and not bring any type of companion so as not to have people crowded in the room. Of course, this does not apply for children, which must be with their representative, but both must comply with the security and cleaning protocol.


How the dentist should protect himself during each appointment


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We have already talked about the protection that the patient must have to avoid contagion, now we must talk about the dentist protection. He must have his gloves, which must be removed each time he attends to a patient. During each care, there should be a disinfection process, especially if you are treating difficult or infected cases.

The mask to be used for greater protection should be the N95 mask which is the maximum protection, thus avoiding acquiring any virus. In addition, each appliance used must be sterilized and disinfected. Also, you must have a cleaning staff that can disinfect the office every time you see a patient to avoid any virus particles remaining in the office.

N95 mask
N95 mask

You should completely avoid caring for patients with a fever. In case it is an emergency and that the fever is due to an oral or dental infection, you must first make sure that the fever has nothing related to the coronavirus, thus avoiding infecting yourself and others. To do this, you must hdo a treatment to eliminate fever, from home with online or telephone attention, and once the fever is gone, attend the patient.

There are companies that sell complete sterilization equipment, which by means of a steam, you can completely disinfect the patient and yourself. So you must make this investment to be able to completely avoid that you can have any type of virus in your consultation.

In this way you can guarantee yourself and others that they will have proper and well-protected care. In addition, you guarantee the health system that you strictly comply with all security protocols that guarantee the protection of each person in your dental clinic.

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