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Fixed teeth in 24 hours for 95€ per month per arch

The FIXED TEETH IN 24 HOURS technique consists in making an immediate placement of the dental prosthesis the same day of the surgery. This treatment provides an effective and reliable restoration to patients and is aimed at restoring all the teeth of the upper or lower arch with a reduced number of dental implants. In our dental clinics of Mijas Costa, Fuengirola Los Boliches, Torremolinos, Vélez-Málaga, Alhaurín el Grande, Puerto de la Torre, Nerja, Málaga Centro, Granada and Jaén, our best dentists perform these interventions without any pain and in a single intervention.

This state-of-the-art implant technique is performed by duly qualified professionals. Allows extractions, eliminate infection, place implants and teeth, both upper and lower arch in a fixed manner, without palate, on the same day.

Initially, we placed the fixed transient prosthesis and then definitive, both anchored to the implants. This technique, in addition to allowing rehabilitation of complete arches with immediate function, considerably reduces the cost of treatment, since we can reduce the number of implants to be placed, compared to other conventional techniques. We also save time for treatment and visits to the dentist. In addition, it offers the patient instant improvement of chewing, speech and aesthetics. One of the most attractive points of the technique is that it can be applied in a high percentage of cases.

As we have mentioned previously, this procedure allows the patient to be provided with fixed teeth immediately. One of the greatest advantages is that we avoid transition periods with provisional prostheses that are very uncomfortable for the patient. On the same day, the provisional fixed prosthesis is placed, which is screwed to the implants. After four or five months (depending on each case), it will be replaced by the definitive prosthesis.


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1-First visit

The patient comes to the consultation, the personalized study is made with the corresponding radiographs and measures are taken to initiate the treatment plan.

2-Day of surgery, in the morning

Once at the clinic, the procedure starts. If the patient requires it, the anesthesiologist supplies the sedation (Conscious Sedation), so that it reaches a state of deep relaxation. If necessary, the extractions are made and the dental implants that hold the prosthesis are placed. At the end of the surgery, the prosthetist retouches and adapts the transitory prosthesis so that it is perfectly adjusted to the patient’s mouth upon delivery.

3-Day of surgery, in the afternoon

The temporary fixed prosthesis is placed on the patient who can return home with functional teeth.

4-Bone integration period

During this time, we perform periodic reviews until after 4-5 months we proceed to manufacture the definitive prosthesis. Once the healing process has finished, the definitive prosthesis is made.



Q. What benefit brings this new treatment?

R._ The most important thing is that with a reduced number of implants we can provide the patient with a fixed prosthesis on the same day, reducing costs and treatment time and, above all, improving the quality of life of the patient.

Q. Once the dental prosthesis is placed, can chewing be done?

R._ Initially a soft diet is recommended for a month; after this time the patient will be able to eat normally.

Q. What anesthesia is used in this type of surgery?

R._ It is equal to the one we use for any other dental procedure (fillings, extractions, etc).

Q. Is sedation optional?

A. Yes, it depends on the patient and if the professional considers that it can improve the quality of their work.

Q. If you opt for conscious sedation, is the patient conscious during the process?

R._ Effectively. He can respond to commands such as “open or close his mouth” but in the end he does not have a memory of the surgery, nor of the time elapsed, so it is very safe for him.

Q. How long is the intervention?

R._ The surgery, with all stages of prosthesis, lasts 2 hours.

P._ Dr. Would you recommend this technique to patients who feel some fear of the dentist?

R._ Without a doubt, because it avoids many interventions. In addition, the patient will get a totally new denture on the same day, with the psychological effects that this entails.

Q. What are the benefits of the technique, compared to a conventional technique of dental implants?

R._ It is done in a short time, prevents bone grafting, is cheaper and recovery is very fast.

Q. Why in this technique can immediate loading be done and in the conventional technique of implants should we wait for a while before loading?

R._ For the strategic placement of the implants, for the design of these as well as that of the prosthesis.

Q. Is there any contraindication regarding age for this technique?

R._ No, but as always, each case is particular and depends on the surgeon’s criteria.

Q. What guidelines should be followed after surgery?

R._ A medication is taken for a week and a soft diet is supplemented for a month.

Q. In the case of suffering periodontal disease, is it possible to perform the treatment?

R._ Yes, it is one of the indications of this technique, because these patients, usually due to gum disease, tend to move their teeth and do not eat well. With this technique they recover function quickly (masticatory and aesthetic) and gain safety.

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