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Fixed teeth in 24 hours in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz

The innovation we work with in Dental Clinics Group makes it possible for us to offer you state-of-the-art solutions such as immediate loading dental implants.

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East state-of-the-art treatment makes it possible for the patient undergoing dental implant surgery have fixed teeth on the same day of the intervention

Thanks to the advanced technology that we offer in all our dental clinics in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén and Almería you can recover your smile in 24 hours.


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What are immediate loading dental implants?

It is a state-of-the-art implantology technique that allows you to replace, reliably and efficiently, in a single day, the teeth of the upper arch and lower arch.

It is a painless and very effective technique that allows to reduce costs and time of realization in the general treatment of dental implants.

In addition to making the rehabilitation of full arches possible, its advantages include the improvement of chewing functions, speech and aesthetics immediately after placement.

However, the great benefit of fixed teeth in 24 hours that you can find in all the dental centers of Grupo Dental Clinics is the great saving of intermediate treatments. And it is that this system makes it possible that transition periods with uncomfortable temporary prostheses are not necessary when the patient wants to renew their smile.

We offer you a immediate solution with all the guarantees: a fixed provisional prosthesis placed in a single operation and screwed to the implants. Approximately, at four or five months, this prosthesis will be replaced by a definitive one and the treatment will be considered finished.

Clearly the fastest and most effective way to completely renew your smile.

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Includes review + x-rays + 3D scanner


Do not entertain doubts!

The most important thing is that with a reduced number of implants we can provide the patient with a fixed prosthesis in the same day, reducing costs and treatment time and, above all, improving the patient's quality of life.

Initially a soft diet is recommended for a month; after this time the patient will be able to eat normally.

It is the same as the one we use for any other dental procedure (fillings, extractions, etc.).

Yes, it depends on the patient and if the professional considers that they can improve the quality of their work.

Effectively. He can respond to commands such as "open or close his mouth" but in the end he does not have a memory of the surgery, or the time that has elapsed, so it is very safe for him.

The surgery, with all the prosthetic phases, lasts for 2 hours.

Without a doubt, because it avoids doing many interventions. In addition, the patient will get a totally new denture the same day, with the psychological effects that this entails.

It is done in a short time, avoids bone grafting, is cheaper and recovery is very fast.

For the strategic placement of the implants, for the design of these as well as that of the prostheses.

No, but as always, each case is particular and depends on the surgeon's criteria.

A medication is taken for a week and a soft diet is supplemented for a month.

Yes, it is one of the indications of this technique, because these patients, generally due to gum disease, tend to move their teeth and do not eat well. With this technique they recover function very quickly (chewing and aesthetic) and gain security.

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