There is no doubt that coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages. Its flavor and stimulating properties are ideal to help you spend the day with energy. However, if you are a heavy consumer of this drink, it is important that you know what are the effects of coffee on your teeth. From Grupo Dental Clinics, we give you more information about it.


Drinking coffee: a daily habit

Many people consume coffee daily several times a day - the average in Spain is 4 cups a day -. Without a doubt, it is one of the drinks that has penetrated the deepest way in society, and its consumption is an almost cultural habit. However, as with almost any food, when consumed in large quantities, it can have certain effects on your body. If we focus on the effects of coffee at the oral level, it is important that you know that the appearance of your teeth can be altered by this practice.


Yellow and blotchy teeth

One of the main effects of coffee on your teeth are changes in the coloration of tooth enamel. The tannins in coffee, although they have antioxidant properties, also cause changes in the original tone of the teeth when they adhere to the enamel. Both color changes and stains occur superficially, so that teeth whitening treatments they are effective in restoring their original appearance to the teeth.

The yellow of the teeth will depend on the amount of coffee consumed, as well as the own characteristics of tooth enamel of each individual.

People whose enamel is weaker - erosions, chipped pieces, bruxism ... -, it is easier for more noticeable color changes to occur.


Cavities and coffee

What is less known is that it also has antibacterial components, that among other things, reduces the risk of developing dental cavities.

Recent studies have confirmed that trigonelline (responsible for the bitter taste of coffee), acts as a powerful anti-adhesive against this bacteria that causes tooth decay. This substance, together with chlorogenic acid and nicotinic, are antibacterial components that reduce the chances of developing cavities.


Other effects of coffee

Drinking coffee also affects the breath, favoring the appearance of bad smell or halitosis. This is due to the dehydration that causes coffee consumption. In this case, the solution is very simple: take a bottle of water with you and be sure to have a drink or rinse your mouth to counteract the effects of the coffee.

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How can you avoid the effects of coffee on your teeth?

If you like to drink coffee and you don't want to give up consuming it - but you do want to avoid its effects on your teeth - you can follow some recommendations:


We know that over time and taken in large doses, coffee stains the teeth, but taken moderately (up to three cups a day) and carrying out a correct brushing (two or three times a day), not only we will ensure that the teeth do not stain, but also thanks to its antibacterial action, we will obtain excellent benefits for our oral health and our general health.

We hope this article has been useful to you. Visit us often for more tips and information related to oral health.

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