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An deep cavities it doesn't have to mean tooth loss if it gets the right treatment. And it is that as the own teeth there are none: this maxim is very present in Dental Clinics Group.

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We approach dentistry with a preventive and conservative optics. Success is for us maintain, whenever possible, the patient's dentition. Even in the most critical cases in which the caries is very advanced and has reached the tooth root, our service of endodontics in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz takes care of it. This discipline restores the pieces damaged by very advanced cavities that have already reached the tooth root. We tell you what it consists of.

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How is a root canal performed step by step?

First of all, you should know that endodontics is a simple procedure, performed under local anesthesia and that, therefore, is painless for the patient. Its steps are easy and quick to execute and it does not usually give complications.

First, the dentist takes care of remove decay-infected tissue already very advanced. Access the nerve and removes damaged pulp tissue. It becomes essential clean the duct retail.

Endodontics Step By Step

Second, once the damaged tissue has been removed, we proceed to find the length of the root, to conical shape the canal and fill it.

The last step is obturation: once the canals have been filled with endodontic material, they proceed to seal.

Advantages of endodontics

After the procedure, the tooth is numb, so that sharp pain that usually cause advanced cavities that damage it remits immediately.

Another great advantage of endodontics is that saves the patient's tooth even in critical situations, being the last treatment likely to be carried out before having to reach the extraction of the tooth.

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