En Dental Clinics Group We are much more than a network of clinics
dental; We are a community dedicated to improving our environment and
promote well-being. We firmly believe that there is no better way to
have a positive impact by supporting sports initiatives.


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Since the 23/24 season, we have become an official sponsor of the centenary Spanish football team, supporting them at all times in the search for excellence.

Past times with historic feats in European competitions and legendary matches in the top category have made this club an emblem for any fan of world football.

Despite several declines, the feeling is more alive than ever among the Malaga population to return it to the elite as soon as possible. A reference team, not only in the city of Malaga but throughout the province, encompassing the anchovy feeling in several of our clinics.

Advertising actions in La Rosaleda, as well as various promotions to give away Malaguista products, such as official t-shirts, have entrusted us with the affection, even more so, of our patients whom we wanted to reward for their trust in us, as well as of all the Malaguista fans.

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Since the 23/24 season, we have become an official sponsor of the reference club in Jerez with more than 80 years of history. Despite having played in the elite of Spanish football a few years ago, he had several descents to the bottom of Spanish football.

However, we are pleased that in the first season of sponsorship, it achieved a meteoric rise to Second RFEF and hopes to return as soon as possible to consolidate itself in professional football, as the historic Cádiz club that it is.

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We have been sponsoring one of the leading national futsal teams for several years. With not too many years of life, the Jaén Paraíso Interior has become a reference for any futsal fan, rubbing shoulders with the greatest in the category.

Three King's Cups and a league runner-up finish in 2023 guarantee it as a favorite club in Jaén sports.

We are pleased to be part of their history through active sponsorship to bring their stars closer to our patients, through continuous raffles, signing of jerseys in clinic and treating several of their players in our clinic. Jaén.


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As stated in our work philosophy, team experiences help us integrate and improve personal relationships, in the search for a higher common goal.

So in the locations where we have a clinic, we try to link closely with the reference teams that represent the feeling of belonging of our beloved patients.

Likewise, we carry out various specific sponsorship and advertising actions in the Racing Portuense, CD Ronda, Granada CF Femenino, Vélez CF, Malagueño Volleyball, Futsal in Alhaurín El Grande, Andalusian Handball Federation, Skating in Fuengirola, Golf in Vélez-Málaga, Padel, etc…