Tomorrow is Halloween, the most terrifying day of the year and whether we like it or not, it is already included in our calendar of traditions and customs.


At Grupo Dental Clinics, more than ghosts, witches and zombies, what really terrifies us about that night are the amounts of SWEETS AND SUGAR that contain!!!
Jokes aside, the consumption of sweets and sweets is inevitable and we will not be the ones who make the party bitter for anyone, but if we want both parents and children to know that when it comes to "trick or treating" we can be a little more selective and choose the candies or sweets that least affect our oral health (and eventually in our pocket). In addition to causing cavities, we must not forget that sweets and trinkets are quite responsible (along with other habits) for sad increase in cases of Childhood Obesity, so we must teach our children from a very young age the importance of good eating habits and oral hygiene.


Next, we leave you a top 5 of "sweet lollipop" starting with the worst, and ending with the most advisable:

5. Chewy candies: like sugus, sticks ... when you bite the candy many times, it stays stuck to the teeth for much longer than recommended, giving way to cavities.
4.Chocolate: contains a high amount of sugars that adhere to our teeth as if a team of welders were working on it ... However, the darker chocolate, the more purity it has and therefore less sugar, which significantly reduces the risk of appearance of fling in teeth.
3. Chewing gums: almost the same as chewy candies but with the point in favor that once expelled from the mouth there are no traces of it. We recommend the consumption of sugar-free chewing gums, as they help to generate saliva, thereby avoiding dry mouth and consequently, plaque accumulating on the teeth.
2. Lollipops and candies: In addition to the sugar they contain, if they are too acidic, they could deteriorate the enamel. Like chewing gum, they help us secrete more saliva in the mouth and thereby counteract acidity. They also have a version without sugar, which we recommend in case you want to consume them.
1. Fruit: the ideal is to accustom the little ones to considering fruit as a perfect substitute for sweets (dreaming is beautiful ... and free!).


Let's have fun this weekend! And do not hesitate to make an appointment at one of our clinics so that we can teach little ones good oral hygiene habits.

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