Zygomatic Implants will solve your problem of missing Dental Bone!

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Faced with the loss of one or more teeth, the dental implants are the solution more effective and more aesthetic to renew the smile. However, traditional methods for its placement require an optimal density in the jawbone to guarantee the success of the treatment.

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En Dental Clinics Group We always rely on the best technology on the market to go one step further and offer you the most innovative solutions. Therefore, in our 17 dental clinics in the provinces of Jaén, Malaga, Granada, Almeria and Cadiz you will find the latest in dental implants: zygomatic dental implants. The perfect option for those patients with low density in their jawbone to enjoy all the advantages of this technique.

What are zygomatic implants and what are they used for?

This type of implants are placed in the zygomatic bone, rather than the jawbone, as it happens with traditional dental implants.

Although they are equivalent to traditional implants in terms of duration and effectiveness, the zygomatic implants are larger: between 35 and 55 mm, compared to 16 mm that traditional implants usually have. This is due to the distance that separates the dental crown from the bone where osseointegration will take place.

The great benefit of zygomatic dental implants is that they are able to offer a durable, effective and very complete solution to renew the smile, to patients who do not have enough density in the maxillary bone.

Boneless Dental Implants

Zygomatic Implants


Closed price € 16.000 or € 299 per month.
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There are two options for the placement of zygomatic implants: hybrid and complete, both performed under general anesthesia.

La hybrid option is a combination of implant types in the patient: two zygomatic implants and two traditional implants. The full optionKnown as double zygoma, Consists of the placement of four implants directly on the zygomatic bone.

After the placement of the zygomatic dental implants, a period of adaptation and osseointegration to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Once the bone tissue and the gum have healed, we proceed to the removal of the temporary dental prosthesis that is placed in the first intervention to go on to place a fixed dental prosthesis.

Compared to traditional dental implants, zygomatic implants offer a Excellent alternative for patients who do not have an optimal density in their jawbone.

Zygomatic implants are also an option to renew the smile in these cases much less invasive and much faster than bone grafts, since its healing period is much shorter.

In combination with state-of-the-art techniques, As the temporary dentures what we offer you in Dental Clinics Group, zygomatic implants make it possible for you to completely renew your smile with a single intervention and in just 24 hours, even in the most complex cases. The time has come to smile again without complexes!

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