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We know that there is nothing better than your own teeth. But sometimes when we suffer an impact or when the teeth are badly damaged as a consequence of an oral pathology, it is not possible to keep them.

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In these cases, dental implants are the best option to renew our smile. These artificial dental roots are designed to perfectly imitate your own teeth. Inserted in the maxillary area, where the natural tooth root was previously, they provide a hold equivalent to that of a natural tooth.

In Grupo Dental Clinics you will find dental implants in M√°laga Centro, Puerto de la Torre, Alhaur√≠n El Grande, Torremolinos-Playamar, Benalm√°dena, Fuengirola-Los Boliches, Mijas Costa-Las Lagunas, San Pedro de Alc√°ntara, Ronda, Velez-Malaga, Nerja, Motril, Granada, Ja√©n, Roquetas de Mar, Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa Mar√≠a.

We have many patients from such important towns as Marbella, Estepona, Antequera, Torre del Mar, Algarrobo, C√≥mpeta, Alcauc√≠n, Torrox, C√°rtama, Co√≠n, √Ālora, Pizarra, Rinc√≥n de la Victoria, Campanillas, Almog√≠a, Alhaur√≠n de la Torre, Churriana, Olvera, Algodonales, Alcal√° del Valle, Yunquera, El Burgo, Teba, Almargen, Puerto Serrano, Pruna, El Bosque, Villamartin, Ubrique, Arriate, Setenil, Cuevas del Becerro, Alg√°mitas, El Gastor, J√ļzcar, Parauta, C√°diz, Sanl√ļcar, San Fernando, Chiclana, Puerto Real, Arcos de la Frontera, Rota, Conil, Linares, √öbeda, Meng√≠bar, Martos, J√≥dar, Torredonjimeno, Torredelcampo, Bail√©n, Alcal√° la Real, And√ļjar, Baeza, Almu√Īecar, Salobre√Īa, Torrenueva, Og√≠jares, Armilla, C√ļllar Vega, Maracena, Las Gabias, Atarfe, Albolote, El Ejido, V√≠car, Adra or Almer√≠a among many others.

Implant + Crown


Dental implant and crown are included, but not any additional treatment such as tooth extraction or bone or membrane grafting.

Full Mouth Implants

‚ā¨ 95 month / arch

This treatment makes use of several dental implants to fix the appearance of a full mouth, rebuilding the entire teeth.


What are dental implants

Implants are artificial dental roots that are inserted into the maxillary area where the natural tooth root was previously and provide the necessary support for the fixed prosthesis.

La wide range of shapes, diameters and lengths of implants allows you to choose the most appropriate rehabilitation modality for each patient.

Dental implants used in Grupo Dental Clinics can be made of pure titanium or zirconium, which produce fewer problems at the time of integration.

Dental implants provide a custom solution capable of solving the specific problems of each patient. They are the ideal alternative to conventional dental prostheses. 

The controlled maintenance, What can be semi-annual or annual, they can last many years!

Improves quality of life

Chewing function and aesthetics are recovered. Talk, eat and taste as with your own teeth.

Safe and durable option

Crowns, bridges and prostheses are securely fixed in the jaw. Premature bone resorption due to lack of compression is avoided.

Without carving healthy teeth

Prosthetic possibilities are expanded, guaranteeing patient satisfaction, and there is also no foreign body sensation.

The first visit is free!

Includes review + x-ray


Do not entertain doubts!

Dental implants are the preferred option for patients to renew their smile due to the multiple benefits they offer:

  • They suppose a instant quality of life improvement of the patient, returning the masticatory, speech and aesthetic function.
  • They suppose a durable solution that, subjected to appropriate oral care, can remain in good condition up to 30 years.
  • For placement, no need to file or grind healthy teeth: Therefore, the teeth to be replaced can be placed independently without affecting the adjacent teeth.
  • They provide an equivalent restraint to that of your own teeth.
  • avoid la premature bone resorption due to lack of compression.
  • Acceptance by the body is total: they are biocompatible and there is no foreign body sensation.

La sensation is equivalent to that provided by natural teeth when it comes to eating, talking and smiling.

In most cases, the insertion of dental implants into the bone takes place during a outpatient surgery. This intervention is similar to the extraction of a tooth and is performed with local anesthesia, so it is painless. 

The intervention is carried out by the implantologist, in suitable conditions of sterility. The necessary instruments for implantation is designed in a way that does not damage the jawbonei.e. very few preparatory steps are required before inserting the dental implant. To minimize inflammation, the area is kept cold in which the intervention is performed. The implantologist will decide in each case if it is necessary to administer any analgesic or anti-inflammatory.

So that the implants can be integrated without pressure or chewing force, the provisional dental prosthesis is placed so that no occlusion occurs and therefore there is no pressure when chewing. The existing prosthesis is covered underneath with a soft cover that avoids any pressure on the intervened area. The integration time of the dental implant depends on the physical and medical condition of the patient, although the Titanium implants are usually integrated in an interval of 2 to 9 months.

After the implants have been firmly welded to the bone, the definitive dental prosthesis.

From Dental Clinics Group we are sure that you will feel the dental prosthesis on the new implants of as naturally as if it were your own teeth.

This is one of the most frequent doubts among our patients. The truth is that when you do not have enough bone density, the best option is a removable dental prosthesis. 

All the denturesInstead of being attached to the bone as is the case with implants, they are placed on the mucous membranes of the mouth with the help of a fixing gel. It is an ideal solution for patients who do not have enough bone and need to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the smile.

However, on occasion, it is possible to perform a bone injert as a prior step to dental implant surgery. To know if this option is the most desirable, you must have a complete study of your oral health status, which you can get completely free at Dental Clinics Group.

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