The holidays are finished. How was going back to school with the little ones in the house? There are many things to prepare: books, clothes, backpack ... and toothbrush !!
We want to share some tips to take care of children's teeth after going back to school.

It is inevitable that, during the summer, many of the habits of food and drink will be relaxed. A continuous struggle in this age is to maintain the care and good cleaning of your teeth. This change in your day to day is an adaptation to the new routine.
Going back to school and activities such as extracurricular activities mean that children spend most of the day outside the house and come back tired. Because of this, at this time it is much more difficult to ensure that they have correct dental hygiene.
But it is now when you have to have more control and perseverance because it is just after the summer when more oral health problems appear in the little ones due to a greater consumption of ice cream and sweets on vacation.

GDC-Blog-2.jpgOur caries they are one of the most typical problems in children. But this problem sometimes goes beyond their health, since if they need to miss class due to pain or to go to the dentist, it also influences their school life.
As in adults, one of the factors that can affect the oral health of children is post-vacation stress. This pathology (usually associated with the elderly), is suffered by more and more children and adolescents, especially in times of change, such as those that are linked to returning to the classroom. Among the various manifestations of stress, the nervousness that usually leads children to clench and grind their teeth unconsciously when sleeping, or even awake, stands out (bruxism).

So, to avoid greater evils, from Dental Clinics Group we want to give some practical advice to help the little ones to get back into the proper oral cleaning routine:
• Influence the importance of their dental health, instilling in them the correct way to brushing through games and fun so that when they have to do it alone, they do it correctly.
• Find a brush to your liking so that the moment of brushing your teeth motivates you more.
• Associate the how long they should be brushing their teeth to a song or to an hourglass, to be taken as a game.
• Teach them to use the mouthwash and dental floss as an essential complement to finish the cleaning.
• Choose a toothpaste with a pleasant taste and adequate amount of fluoride.
• If they eat out, prepare a small dental travel kit for them and insist that they use it after eating.
• For recess, they eat better sandwiches and fruits and avoid sweets and industrial buns.




Prevention is the best weapon. We will be happy to assist you for the review and start the course with a good taste in your mouth! =)

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