Our stains on teeth they are usually one of the main reasons why many people do not feel comfortable with their smile. Why settle for these unsightly stains? Eliminating them is usually easier than it seems. Your dentist will be the one who, after examining your teeth, will advise you on the best treatment. Here we explain the type of stains that exist, how to avoid them and how to treat them.


Types of stains

Broadly speaking, we can divide them into:


Stains on teeth according to color

The stains on the teeth can also be grouped according to the color they present:

White spots. They can be motivated by various origins:


Yellow spots. These types of stains are perhaps the most common. Its appearance is usually associated with a deterioration of the enamel that, surely, also causes tooth sensitivity. Its origin is usually associated with:


Brown spots. These stains are the most unsightly since they are the darkest compared to tooth enamel. Its main cause is due to excessive consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco. Apart from the dye, these substances alter the balance of the bacterial flora and therefore facilitate the formation of cavities or the development of periodontal problems. This alteration in the color of the teeth can also be due to the action of medications such as tetracyclines, an antibiotic widely used in the 60s and 70s to treat infections, which causes a brown to gray staining in the teeth.

Prevent the appearance of spots

Stains on teeth usually appear over the years. On some occasions, they will depend on external factors that we cannot control, but the most common is that they are due to factors related to our own hygiene or eating habits. Therefore, we can help prevent them by following some tips:


Treatments to remove stains on teeth

Depending on the origin of the stains, the treatment will be different and must always be determined by the criteria of the dentist.

We must remember that once the stains have been solved by our specialist it is important to follow the recommendations to maintain the results for a long time. Good habits to follow not only influence the aesthetics of your teeth but also improve your overall health. The only way to maintain optimal color in our teeth is to acquire good hygiene and eating habits and never apply home methods to combat stains without first consulting with your dentist.

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