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Pediatric dentistry in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz

El oral health care of the smallest begins from the eruption of the first teeth, something that usually happens around the 6 months of life.

The truth is that, in these stages of development, full of continuous changes in a very short time, oral health experiences specific needs. Pediatric dentistry was born to serve them as they deserve.

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En Dental Clinics Group We believe in oral health care for the whole family. For this reason, we have designed a complete pediatric dentistry in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz with which to take care of the smile of the patients from 0 to 14 years.

Diagnose, attend and treat any oral pathology That you can present yourself during this stage is essential to take care of your smile as it deserves.

But not only that: it is also prevent and educate in good oral health habits. And it is that if we teach children how to brush their teeth and what daily hygiene routines they need, we will be giving them the greatest gift. Provide them with the tools to know how to take care of your smile for life.

En Dental Clinics Group we are happy to see you smile.

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What are the most common pediatric dentistry treatments?

Pediatric dentistry is in charge of giving specific answers for the most frequent problems of children's oral health.

La caries dental, as in the adult population, it is the most common oral disease among children. Treat this infectious pathology in milk teeth, with fillings or pulpectomies, and prevent their proliferation it is essential to avoid further damage to permanent parts.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

The trauma Dental are another of the most frequent requirements in the pediatric dentist's office. And it is that the great activity that characterizes children's games causes accidents that end with dental fractures are very frequent. Each case needs specific attention for its evaluation and prescription of treatment most recommended.

Por último, la orthodontics It is also a frequent treatment aimed at correcting the malposition and bite problems. It is usual his application in childhood and adolescence due to the great results it achieves. And it is that, at this stage of development, there is still enough plasticity to respond to treatment with the greatest efficiency.

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