The orthodontics that you do not notice that you are wearing

Invisible orthodontics in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz

La Invisible orthodontics It is the most aesthetic and discreet orthodontic treatment on the market.

It is made up of a sequence of splints known as Transparent, ultra-fine aligners tailored to your teeth that are practically invisible when wearing them.

These aligners are made using a computerized technique, planned with 3D digital orthodontic technology, so they adapt perfectly.

Your invisible orthodontic treatment step by step

The aligners are comfortable, aesthetic and removable and changes from one aligner to another occur every 15 days while the treatment lasts. You'll take them off to eat and brush your teeth, so you won't have to deprive yourself of any of your favorite foods as well as the oral hygiene it will remain as simple as ever. To clean the splint, a brushing with mild soap and water before reattaching.

Each aligner corrects predictably and strategically. From Dental Clinics Group We design from the beginning all the movements that will occur in your treatment plan to correct dental malposition. And what is better: from the beginning you will know what the result that we chase, adapted to your needs and without surprises.

This is possible thanks to 3D digital orthodontic technology: allows us, through a clincheck, to visualize the movements that the aligners will produce, the total duration and the final result of how your smile will be.


Now a monthly fee from €29


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Fee from €29 per month 👈



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Includes review + x-ray

The process to align your teeth


Invisible orthodontics with its own digital laboratory

We are the first group of dental clinics with our own digital laboratory, we meticulously select our team of professionals with years of experience in digital orthodontics and we use the latest 3D scanning, design, planning and printing technology.

La own manufacture It has many differential advantages and makes it possible for us to offer you:

  • Greater control over treatments.
  • Establish direct and continuous monitoring of each case.
  • Immediate communication between our orthodontists and the laboratory.
  • Treatments without waiting and maximum speed in management and manufacturing.
  • Unbeatable price and equivalent to that of the most traditional orthodontics.

The secret of success

En Dental Clinics Group We believe that the formula for successful treatment depends on:

The correct selection of the case

Not all patients are ideal for dealing with the invisible orthodontic system. He digital studio will facilitate the evaluation of your case and we will tell you if you are a suitable patient to enjoy the advantages of this method.

Patient collaboration

To achieve maximum effectiveness, the patient should wear the aligners during 22 daily hours. In Dental Clinics Group You have all the guarantees for your treatment to be a success.

The expertise of the dental team

It is essential to choose a orthodontist with long experience in invisible orthodontics. The knowledge and the correct interpretation and application of the treatment plan will make a difference.

The best guarantee

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