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El precio de la Ortodoncia Invisible TRATAMIENTO COMPLETO es de 3.500€

What is invisible orthodontics?

The invisible orthodontics is a computerized technique, planned with Digital Orthodontics and 3D technology that consists of a sequence of splints known as aligners; transparent, ultra thin and tailored to your teeth that are practically invisible when wearing them.

Aligners are comfortable, aesthetic and removable, and you should wear them all day and remove them to eat and brush your teeth. Changes from one aligner to another occur every 15 days.

Each aligner corrects in a predictable way, that is, we design from the beginning all the movements that are going to occur in your treatment plan to correct the bad position of the teeth.

Digital 3D orthodontics technology also allows us to visualize through a clincheck the movements that the aligners will produce, the total duration and the final result of how your smile will look.

Our orthodontic treatments are diagnosed, planned and designed exclusively by expert orthodontists.

Why choose invisible orthodontics in Dental Clinics Group?

We are the first Group of dental clinics with our own digital laboratory, we meticulously select our team of professionals with years of experience in Digital Orthodontics and we use the latest technology in scanning, design, planning and 3D printing.

ortodoncia dental torremolinos

La ortodoncia invisible es una técnica para alinear tus dientes de forma casi imperceptible para los demás, gracias a una férula transparente y ultra fina. Los alineadores son cómodos, estéticos y removibles, y debes llevarlos puestos todo el día y quitártelos  para comer y cepillarte los dientes. Los cambios de un alineador a otro se producen cada 15 días.


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Come and discover the Digital and invisible orthodontics of Grupo Dental Clinics

The own manufacture differentiates us remarkably from the rest allowing us to offer you

Greater control of treatments

Establish a direct and continuous follow-up of each case

Immediate communication from our orthodontists and the laboratory

No waiting, maximum speed in any management as in manufacturing times

Unbeatable price, treatments at the same cost as brackets

Advantages of invisible orthodontics versus Fixed Orthodontic systems

ortodoncia malaga opiniones

3D visualization of evolution and final result

torremolinos dental ortodoncia oferta

Predictable treatments from start to finish

ortodoncia mejor precio torremolinos

Easy use for the patient and reduced consultation time

clinica dental torremolinos

Maximum aesthetics

clinica dental torremolinos ortodoncia

Painless, slight forces

ortodoncia clinica dental torremolinos

Better oral hygiene

ortodoncia barata torremolinos

Comfortable without sores or friction

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The first step to prepare your invisible orthodontic treatment is to perform a diagnosis and a Digital Study. For this we will digitalize and prepare the biomodels of your mouth in 3D and we need to take the following records:

  • Impressions of both arches, physical in digital polyvinylsiloxane by intraoral scanner
  • Occlusion record
  • Extraoral and intraoral photographic record
  • Radiographic record, Orthopantomography and teleradiography in some cases
  • Prediagnostics and objectives for treatment

Our orthodontists will carefully analyze your case through sophisticated software and plan exhaustively your treatment of Digital and Invisible Orthodontics. This study tells us:

  • Invisible orthodontic treatment plan
  • Number of aligners and case duration
  • Clinical Report and Treatment Guide
  • 3D visualization with the sequence of movements that your aligners will produce and final result
  • Closed budget

The secret of success

In Group Dental Clinics to achieve success in a treatment depends directly on:

Correct selection of the case

Not all patients are ideal to deal with the invisible orthodontic system, your orthodontist in his first assessment or through the Digital Study will inform you.

Collaboration of the patient

Being a removable technique, that is to say, of removing and putting all the time that is not with the aligner put will reduce effectiveness to the treatment, the orthodontics is a constant light force, for this you must take them all day (22h) and only take them off to eat and brushing.

The Doctor

It is essential to choose an orthodontist with experience in invisible orthodontics. The knowledge and correct interpretation and application of the treatment plan will make the difference.