Today we leave you the interview of Paco Maldonado on the radio:


Grupo Dental Clinics is a company from Malaga that has been in operation for 12 years. In our city they have already demonstrated their good work in just eight months thanks to the satisfaction of their customers. We have spoken with Paco Maldonado who has told us about the services they offer and the technology they have.

What is the situation of your clinic in Ronda?

We are in Carrera Espinel or Calle de la Bola in the fifth section near the Decathlon store, although it is easily identified by the pink color of our façade.

What technology do you have and what services do you provide?

We are a very advanced Dental Clinic in terms of the technology we use and we are specialized in implants, we offer fixed teeth in just 24 hours.

Can this type of treatment be received by anyone?

Usually yes, everyone has enough bone to place four, five and even six teeth. For those who lack bone we have other types of solutions.

Do the best technologies allow Dental Clinics Ronda do this kind of work right?

That's right, the use of TAG, having an intraoral scanner, having advanced implants from the Strauman group that supports us and of course the expert hands of Dr. Jairo Orozco, my partner in this city or any of our professionals from other clinics in the province.

How can we differentiate a good implant from another that is not?

I do not know bad implants since Health would not allow it to be done in Spain. What if there are companies with double treatment in their implants like the one we use, which are safer and more durable.

Do you also carry out simpler jobs, right?

We also do unitary implants, but above all we are leaders in having a system to carry out the work in a single day.

What is the procedure followed?

Once the client accepts the treatment, a protocol is activated that lasts one week before performing the microsurgery. We start with some photographs when the patient arrives with their teeth, an intraoral scanner that gives us a three-dimensional model to then act, then a cleaning of the teeth even if they are going to be extracted, it may also be necessary to prescribe antibiotics before performing the work, as an example today a patient has come in in the morning six or seven extractions have been performed, five implants have been placed she has gone home for three or four hours and later on the same day her prosthesis has been placed already fixed, these implants have heads that support the prosthesis, finally a machine marks the newtons of pressure to place the implant. This provisional prosthesis lasts three months in which you have to be careful when chewing. When the gum is fine and the implant is embedded, the definitive prosthesis is placed.


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