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When it comes to oral health, gums are often the most overlooked. However, preventing, diagnosing and treating the possible pathologies that can affect the gums is essential for complete oral care. Without healthy gums we will not have a healthy smile.

Periodontics is responsible for this, the discipline that detects and treats pathologies that affect the periodontium (the gingiva, the alveolar bone, the alveolar ligament and the root cement).

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Aware of the importance of comprehensive oral care, in Dental Clinics Group We have developed with the greatest care and rigor our service of periodontics in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz.

Why does periodontal disease occur?

Normally, it is poor oral hygiene that is responsible for gum disease. And it is that the origin is usually in the bacterial accumulation. However, also faulty restorations, the possible complications in orthodontic treatments or the consumption of tobacco are risk factors for this formation of bacterial plaque to occur.

When this happens, the soft tissues react with swelling and bleeding, in a process known as gingivitis, reversible as long as the appropriate periodontal treatment for bacterial elimination is received.

If this does not happen, the infection could run its course and lead to periodontitis. In this phase of the disease they begin to damage to bone structures that provide support to the tooth and mobility and tooth loss can occur.

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How are gingivitis and periodontitis treated?

The best treatment is good prevention to avoid the accumulation of bacterial plaque in time: good oral hygiene sustained over time and an adequate schedule of check-ups with the dentist are the best allies to achieve this.

However, once periodontal disease appears and treatment becomes necessary, there are different alternatives depending on the stage of development of the disease.

Periodontics Treatment

In the case of the gingivitis, the treatment is carried out by professional prophylaxis for plaque removal and supra and subgingival calculus. In the case of periodontitis, we proceed to scaling and root planing.

If the bacteria, tartar, and plaque are found in the roots of the teeth, it may be necessary periodontal surgery. With it, it is possible to correct the defects that periodontitis has been able to produce in the anatomical structures of the bone and gingiva.

Since periodontal diseases, once they appear, are usually of chronic nature, it is necessary to maintain a schedule of visits with the dentist. The supervision, at least every 6 months, guarantees healthy gums for a radiant smile.

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