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Plasma rich in platelets

We interviewed Chirlei Klein, biologist collaborator of Grupo Dental Clinics. He talks to us about ‘Plasma Rich in Platelets’. An injury recovery technique that is giving us very good results at the dentist level.

What is PRP technology?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP, Rich in Platelets Plasma) is a current cell regeneration technique that accelerates the healing process of injuries, making it possible for a lesion to heal even in half the time.

Why did we decide to start using it in the Dental Clinics Group?
Because it is a new scientifically proven technology that has an impact on the patient who achieves faster healing with less risk of complications

How is platelet-rich plasma obtained in a patient?
Platelet-rich plasma is acquired from small volumes of patient’s blood. This blood is subjected to a centrifugation process that allows obtaining the platelet-rich plasma.

When is it advisable to use it? Can it be used with all patients? Are there contraindications?
It can be applied without any contraindication in any surgical process such as extractions and dental implants especially because it is an autologous product, made of your own blood.

How is plasma applied to the patient?
The platelets are applied directly on the implant and in the receiving area.

What are its fields of application?
This technique is patented in Europe, USA and worldwide. Although initially developed to be applied in oral surgery in order to regenerate bone tissue around dental implants and thus reduce its consolidation time, its application has transcended to different areas of medicine. From traumatology was quickly incorporated into sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, plastic, vascular and any surgical specialty always in order to repair more effectively damaged tissues in surgery.


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