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Fixed prosthesis

Individual crowns, made of porcelain metal and procera zirconium. Fixed bridges, of the same materials as the individual crowns. Crowns on implants. Fixed provisional prosthesis made of acrylic.

Removable prosthesis

Removable acrylic prosthesis. Removable metal or skeletal prosthesis.

Precio Prótesis Dental

El precio de una prótesis dental depende de si nos referimos a una prótesis prótesis fija o semi-fija sobre implantes. 

Gracias a que disponemos de un laboratorio propio y a una tecnología muy avanzada podemos garantizar un precio muy competitivo.

What is a removable prosthesis?

A removable dental prosthesis is a metal structure with several artificial teeth fixed on its sides. To offer a better fixation, the removable dental prostheses are anchored to the teeth that the patient still conserves in his mouth by means of metallic fastenings. Removable dental prostheses are mainly used to rehabilitate the upper arch: therefore, the skeleton of a prosthesis is usually covered by a softer piece of pink plastic, which reduces discomfort on the palate.

Complete removable prosthesis

Sometimes, when the teeth that are still preserved are in very bad condition, complete removable dentures are necessary. To be able to place them, the remaining teeth are extracted in the patient’s mouth and a denture is made to replace the 14 teeth (since the wisdom teeth are not usually replaced) of a complete arch.

Characteristics of removable dental prostheses

Removable dentures are the most economical restorative dentistry treatment that exists, and the perfect alternative for patients who for medical reasons or a reduced budget can not get a dental implant treatment.

This price several times lower leads, as usual, some counterparts. The experience of a removable prosthesis is not the same as that of natural teeth: the patient does not recover all the strength of his bite and the acrylic crowns of this type of prosthesis are less aesthetic than crowns on implants.

Also, and despite the fact that they are attached to the teeth that are still preserved by metal “grips” and the gum thanks to the adhesive products sold in pharmacies, the removable prostheses are not perfect in the patient’s mouth.

These maladjustment problems are especially frequent in older people with problems of dry mouth or xerostomia, in scientific language. Deficient restraint also causes numerous sores and wounds in the gums of the patient type, which, due to its advanced age, usually already has problems in its gums.


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