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Orthopantomography or panoramic radiography is a radiological technique that represents, in a single film, a general image of the jaws and teeth, therefore, it is of primary use in the dentomaxilomandibular area.


Intraoral radiography is a scanning technique consisting of the placement inside the mouth of radiographic plates of different sizes for the exploration of the tooth and its adjacent structure (periodontium).


The Intra Oral Chamber is a small video camera that allows you to perform a tooth-by-tooth video test, giving an enlarged image in full color that allows you to appreciate details of the inside of your mouth that otherwise could not be seen.

Benefits of using intra oral camera:
• Allows us to see what we see, and better understand what your treatment needs are
• It allows to increase the problematic areas that could not be seen with the naked eye
• It allows to monitor the progress of your treatment and compare images before and after treatment.

This diagnostic method is painless and does not emit radiation, it allows to see problems such as impasto impaction, decay, fractured teeth, bleeding gums, etc ….
You will be able to visualize these images and we can elaborate with you the best treatment to obtain a healthy mouth.

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