Summer is the favorite time to make excuses, to break with routine and to take shelter in some excess. To our oral health it takes its toll, so we must not let laziness win the game. During the holidays we often eat away from home, and almost always do not have the brush to brush our teeth, which causes food remains.

Increased temperatures and inadequate oral hygiene, due to changes in eating habits together with less care in protective habits and oral hygiene, can favor the proliferation of bacteria.

The combination of all these bad habits produces a increased disease or infection from different areas such as cavities, dental hypersensitivity, halitosis or even bleeding gums.

In the same way, greater physical activity can cause loss of hydration and reduce salivary flow and the mouth is more unprotected against the attack of bacteria and acids.

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From Dental Clinics Group, we list several recommendations to maintain good oral health:

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