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Grupo Dental Clinics is a family business with more than 10 years of experience in the dental sector. We have six own clinics located in the province of Málaga and Jaén, the best dentists in the sector, the best facilities, our own prosthetic laboratory and the most advanced technology in our cabinets (CT Scan, Cad Cam 3D, Conscious Sedation, Plasma-rich plasma growth factors, etc …)

Through our Free Collaboration Agreements we want to facilitate access to high quality dental assistance to all EMPLOYEES and members of companies and ORGANIZATIONS, participants, as well as their DIRECT FAMILY MEMBERS.

At Grupo Dental Clinics we are committed to personalized attention, and prevention and maintenance of good oral health in all our patients. We count with annual review campaigns, they are free and include dental cleaning *, specialists in pediatric dentistry that teach our small techniques of tooth brushing and a routine of daily dental hygiene; our emailings reminders for annual reviews of prosthesis users, newsletters and much more …

We know that prevention at the dentist is better than cure, but in the case that they need more complete treatments, at our centers they will be treated by the best professionals of all dental specialties, using the most advanced technology and minimizing waiting times thanks to our own prosthetic laboratory.

We believe that we must also highlight our enormous effort to bring the most advanced implant techniques to ALL of our patients.

Our prices are unbeatable, but not at the expense of the quality of the materials or elements we use, nor of the professionals who perform the treatments.

Our team of implantologists is highly qualified. Their continuous training in the most advanced and innovative techniques and their years of experience in the realization of this type of treatments, position them at the forefront of the sector.

In addition ALL our implants are manufactured in Germany by Bego Implants, high dental technology that exceeds the strictest European quality parameters and are guaranteed for life.



  • Consultation, dental check and budget
  • RX Orthopantomography
  • Cleaning
  • Implant evaluation
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Whitening in finished orthodontic treatments
  • Descuento del 20% en prótesis removibles20% discount on removable prostheses
  • 10% discount on all comprehensive treatments
  • We finance up to 60 months and up to 36 without interest
  • Lifetime warranty on implants
  • 5 year guarantee on fixed prostheses

Tarifa Regular

  • Dental Consultation - 20€
  • Specialist Diagnostic - 30€
  • Emergency Consultation - 40€
  • Panoramic orthopantomography (RX) - 30€
  • Tartectomy (Mouth cleaning) - 25€
  • Curetaje per quadrant - 35€
  • Compound filling - 35€
  • Composite reconstruction - 45€
  • Simple extractions - 38€
  • Brushing techniques - 30€
  • Removal of temporary teeth - 25€
  • Fluorisations in children - 20€
  • Sealing teeth in children - 35€
  • Whitening Dos Arcadas - 200€
  • Dental implant + crown - € 1,200

Tarifa Convenio

  • Dental Consultation - 0€
  • Specialist Diagnostic - 0€
  • Emergency Consultation - 0€
  • Panoramic orthopantomography (RX) - 0€
  • Tartectomy (Mouth cleaning) - 0€
  • Curetaje per quadrant - 31,50€
  • Compound filling - 31,50€
  • Composite reconstruction - 40,50€
  • Simple extractions - 34,20€
  • Brushing techniques - 0€
  • Removal of temporary teeth - 0€
  • Fluorisations in children - 0€
  • Sealing teeth in children - 0€
  • Whitening Dos Arcadas - 99€
  • Dental implant + crown - 799€


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