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State-of-the-art technology at the service of your oral health

Be you reference dental center in Andalusia implies being in a position to offer you the best technology for your oral health.

In all dental clinics in Grupo Dental Clinics in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almeria and Cadiz will find a Technical equipment de first level.

We make sure that every phase of treatment, from diagnosis to final result, has the maximum precision and efficiency.

Hero Technology

At Grupo Dental Clinics the oral technology is for us a hallmark of quality in the toilet.


Includes review + x-ray

The most common and effective dental X-ray we use in Dental Clinics Group is orthopantomography or panoramic radiography. With a simple glance and in a single movie, it allows us know in detail the state of the jaws, mandible and dentition. It is, therefore, a extraordinary roadmap for diagnostic accuracy.

Teleradiography or lateral radiography of the skull It is a type of dental X-ray commonly used in orthodontic treatments. This technique makes it possible for the orthodontist to know in detail which is growth and intermaxillary relationship, to design a strategic and tailored treatment for each patient.

For exploration of the tooth and adjacent structures that make up the periodontium Oral radiography is most useful.

Simple in its application, with the placement of radiographic plates in the oral cavity, intraoral radiography can be of two types: periapical, ideal for assessing problems in dental support, since it analyzes the piece from the crown to the root and shows the surrounding tissue; or interproximal, returns in a single image up to 4 or 5 dental crowns.

The last revolution in oral technology It is the 3D intraoral camera. A technique that allows a accurate, full-color, three-dimensional recreation of the oral cavity the patient.

Capable of increasing visibility in areas with difficult access, this diagnostic method is extremely effective and its application involves great advantages. In addition to being a radiation-free method with extraordinary precision, one of its greatest benefits is that it allows monitor the progress of each treatment and make a comparison of images before and after it.

Digital smile design is now a reality, making what seemed like an impossible dream possible: create step by step a smile tailored to your wishes.

Using the latest 3D technology, smile design combines all kinds of dental aesthetic treatments to achieve the result that the patient is looking for. As a novelty and great advantage, this technology, thanks to its high-resolution three-dimensional recreation, makes it possible for you to meet what will be the desired result before starting treatment.



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