The first Friday in October is dedicated to smiling. Because it is the day that World Smile Day is celebrated, and there is always a good reason to smile. The origin of the celebration of this day is due to the famous "smiley face" created by Harvey Ball in 1963.

Although it is healthy to laugh every day, dedicating a special day to smiling reminds us that such a simple gesture has many benefits. Not only does it improve our face and allow others to be in a better good mood, but it also gives us:

And, as specialists and benchmarks in the dental sector, at Grupo Dental Clinics, we are up-to-date in treatments with the most advanced techniques. We have a multidisciplinary team trained in the various branches of dentistry and who, together with you, will be delighted to bring out your best smile with implant, orthodontic, periodontic and aesthetic treatments.


And to celebrate, we have also compiled 20 phrases inspired by smiles that will make you think and make you smile. We start the list with a phrase "dental." We hope you enjoy them:


  1. A smile is like a toothbrush. You have to use it often to keep your teeth clean.- Japanese Proverb
  2. A smile is a curved line that straightens everything.- Phyllis Diller
  3. It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the tip of the sword.- William Shakespeare
  4. A smile is the cheapest way to change our appearance.- Charles Gordu
  5. There is no serious thing that cannot be said with a smile.- Alejandro Casona
  6. Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile.- Bob Marley
  7. You are never fully dressed without a smile.- Martin Charnin
  8. A smile is the only infectious affliction that I encourage everyone to spread.- Omar Kiam
  9. All people smile in the same language.- Proverb
  10. Wear a smile and you will have friends, wear a frown and you will have wrinkles. - George Elliot
  11. The smile enriches those who receive it, without impoverishing those who give it.- Frank Irving
  12. Youth smiles for no reason. It is one of its greatest charms.- Oscar Wilde
  13. Don't cry because it ended. Smile because it happened.- Dr. Seuss
  14. The smile is a universal welcome.- Max Eastman
  15. People rarely notice that you are wearing old clothes when you are wearing a smile.- Lee Mildon
  16. Before you frown, check that there are no smiles available.- Jim Beggs
  17. "The wrinkles should only indicate where the smiles have been."- Mark Twain
  18. Don't wait to be happy to smile. But smile to be happy.- Edward L. Krame
  19. A smile means a lot. It enriches those who receive it; without impoverishing those who offer it. It lasts a second but its memory, sometimes, is never erased.- Charles Chaplin
  20. "The peace begins with a smile".- Teresa of Calcutta

Not only does it improve our face and allow others to be in a better mood, but it also brings benefits to our health. Smile!



Don't you like your smile?

You don't like your smile because your teeth are not well aligned or crooked, are you missing any teeth, or are they not very white or very healthy? Well, there is no reason to go with a smile that you do not like, nothing complex when it comes to smiling, to the team of Dental Clinics Group loves to design smiles for each of our patients, our greatest commitment is to make them smile, and teeth whitening, that will make all the elements that make up your smile do so in a harmonica To achieve that desired smile, make it the one that suits you the most and that will change your life.

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