There are certain characteristics that must be taken into account, but for proper oral hygiene you must have a brushing technique

Here are some recommendations for you to purchase a suitable brush.

Made of good material: It is recommended that you have round tips to avoid soft tissue injury. And the bristles should be medium, not soft or hard, to avoid enamel wear or shallow cleaning.

That it reaches everywhere: The head has to be small to reach the posterior areas where the removal of the bacterial plaque is more difficult.

That it is properly held: The handle should be comfortable to hold and it is preferable to buy it with non-slip material, thus avoiding one of the most common injuries, by the so-called slip.

Important: The brush should combine long and short bristles. This has proven to be more effective during brushing, deepens cleaning in the interdental areas.

Opt for effective products: There are antibacterials made with silver or gold alloys, which release ions to prevent the growth of the bacterial population.

Alternatives: Electric toothbrushes should preferably be used by the elderly, people with arthritis, children, or those with disabilities.

Do not forget: They should be rinsed with cold water after use to remove toothpaste and bacteria.

Well protected: Store upright and avoid contact with other brushes. There are cartridges to preserve it and keep it isolated from the bacteria present in the atmosphere, since the presence of fecal matter has been demonstrated in those stored near the toilet.

Replace them: They should be changed every three months or sooner, if the bristles have separated or lost their shape.

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