Each year that begins serves as an excuse to renew yourself a little or to propose you a challenge. What if you quit smoking, what if you start going to the gym, what if you sign up for languages, etc ... are some of the most classic examples of those purposes that are fulfilled to a greater and lesser extent.

Something that certainly does not cost much and is going to make a big change is renew your toothbrush. How long have you had it? I do not know if you know that toothbrushes, both manual and electric heads, if used daily and correctly, should not be used for more than 3 or 4 months. The filaments wear out, open, fall out, get dirty, and ultimately the toothbrush loses much of its effectiveness in removing bacterial dental plaque that accumulates every day on teeth and gums, and that is the cause of two of the most prevalent diseases of the human being: tooth decay and periodontal disease. These diseases are responsible for losing teeth, greatly affecting quality of life, increasing costs for the person, and even living fewer years.

Keep in mind that brushes accumulate many germs and bacteria; especially if we don't dry them properly. Moreover, science itself corroborates that lThe effectiveness of a brush is lost after 3 months if we use it frequently (at least twice a day). In the same way, it is very important to change the toothbrush after a cold, infection or flu, very common on these dates! Infectious germs can also hide in the filaments and prolong the disease or even reactivate it.

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In this way, something as simple as brushing your teeth every day with a good toothbrush can make a big difference to your health both in the short and especially in the long term. Surveys in Spain say that on average the population uses a brush per year. Although there are people who do change it often, there are also many people who do not do it for a long time.

Of course, brushing should be accompanied by a toothpaste with minimal abrasiveness, containing fluoride to help prevent cavities and antiseptics for the gum in the case of having predisposition to periodontal diseases. Likewise, do not forget the hygiene of the interdental spaces either with floss or with interproximal brushes, to the places that the toothbrush cannot access. Since they are often the beginning of tooth decay and periodontal disease. We will talk more about hygiene supplements in another article that we will upload later!

Finally, from Dental Clinics GroupWe also want to contribute the importance of taking care of the toothbrush while we are using it. We must try to dry it between use and use, eliminating the humidity that bacteria like so much.

So you already know, If you want to treat yourself to health this year, something as easy as changing your toothbrush can make a big difference. Go to one of our 11 clinics for a free review and we will explain brushing techniques for your specific case!

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